16.50 - Setting the Locale - Teradata Workload Management

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Teradata Workload Management
January 2021
User Guide
You can choose a different locale in the Profile portlet to override the locale set by the Teradata Viewpoint Administrator.

The locale is used to display content in the Viewpoint portal. Dates, times, and numbers are displayed in Viewpoint portlets in the format used by the selected locale. For example, the English (US) locale displays content in English and dates in a mm /dd /yy format. If the language pack for the selected locale is installed, all content appears in the selected language. If the language pack for the selected locale is not installed, content appears in English and dates, times, and numbers appear in the format for the selected locale.

  1. From the Profile portlet, select the Personal Info tab.
  2. Select the locale from the list.
    Option Date, Time, and Number Display Format
    English (US) mm/dd/yy 12h 1234.57
    English (UK) dd/mm/yy 24h 1234.57
    Chinese (China) yy-mm-dd 24h 1234.57
    Chinese (Taiwan) yy/mm/dd 24h 1234.57
    French dd/mm/yy 24h 1234,57
    German dd.mm.yy 24h 1234,57
    Japanese yy/mm/dd 24h 1234.57
    Korean yy. mm. dd 12h 1234.57
    Spanish (Argentina) dd/mm/yy 24h 1234,57
    Spanish (Mexico) dd/mm/yy 24h 1234.57
    Spanish (Spain) dd/mm/yy 24h 1234,57
    The Teradata Viewpoint application server locale is the default.
  3. Click Apply.