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April 2021
User Guide

Teradata Viewpoint uses notifications to communicate the status of Viewpoint operations. Notifications are displayed in the Teradata Viewpoint portal for 72 hours from the last status change.

You can enable notifications to provide status of cluster setup, restore, and upgrade data migration.
  • Cluster setup notifications may display when the Teradata System Administrator sets up or recovers a Teradata Viewpoint cluster after a promotion.
  • Restore notifications may display when a Viewpoint server has been restored from a backup.
  • Data migration notifications may display after a major upgrade when data is migrated to a new format. Migration begins with the newest data.

You can enable notifications for any role. The User role has restore and upgrade data migration notifications enabled by default. The Administrator role has restore and upgrade data migration as well as cluster setup notifications enabled by default. These notifications are not enabled by default for any other roles.

The cluster setup notification displays information about the following cluster setup status:
  • Percentage of cluster setup completed
  • If the setup failed or completed
The restore or data migration notifications displays information about the following restore or migration status:
  • Percentage of restore or migration completed
  • Earliest available date for restored or migrated data
  • If the restore or migration failed or completed