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Teradata Data Mover
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October 2021
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Resolved issues are corrections to Teradata Data Mover, including related documentation.

Issues Description
DM-34106 Data Mover CLI and TPT trace options now work properly during create and start commands
DM-34155 Data Mover Agent no longer throws a NullPointerException if a DSA job is non-responsive due to an internal error (such as NullPointerException).
DM-34225 After moving to Posgres repository, Data Mover jobs are no longer mistakenly case sensitive.
DM-34229 The Data Mover Accept Host List is now properly Case Insensitive
VPDM-154 Data Mover setup portlet no longer fails to save credentials in the querygrid API section with error "Odd number of hexadecimal digits"