15.10 - Resource Usage Data - Teradata Database

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Resource usage data is collected based on activity during a collection period and does not reflect cumulative data for a sequence of collection periods. For example, if you set the SET RESOURCE RATE to 120 seconds and issue a MONITOR VIRTUAL RESOURCE or MONITOR PHYSICAL RESOURCE request, resource usage data is collected at 120-second intervals.

If you do not examine the data within 120 seconds or enable resource usage tables for logging, it is lost when overwritten by data collected during the next 120‑second collection interval.

Features of Using Resource Usage Data

Resource usage data features are:

  • Access is via SQL, not C or some other programming language
  • More detailed
  • Written to tables so past data values are available
  • Can be accumulated over a long period of time and can be used for the following:
  • Examining trends and patterns
  • Planning system upgrades
  • Deciding when to add new applications to heavily utilized systems
  • Building baseline resource usage profiles for operations