15.10 - Differences - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Application Programming Reference

Teradata Database
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The differences between a PM/API based application and a Teradata SQL based application are:

  • A PM/API application issues requests through a session partition named MONITOR.
  • The MONITOR partition does not support the capabilities found in a Teradata SQL partition. The following table shows how the MONITOR partition reacts to the Teradata SQL partition capabilities.

    If you use the Teradata SQL partition capability...

    The MONITOR partition returns ...

    Keep Response processing mode

    an error message.

    Execute a rewind operation

    Run the start-up operation

    Field mode request

    CleanUp request

    P (Prepare) or S (Setup) request processing option of the DBCAREA

  • Keywords used by the MONITOR PM/API requests are different from keywords in Teradata SQL. However, both have the same rules for identifiers.
  • MONITOR query processing, unlike Teradata SQL, produces dynamic data.
  • When using CLIv2, a Using Data String, which defines the input data, is always required in a PM/API application. In Teradata SQL, it is optional.