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Teradata dynamic workload management software is a rule-oriented management system capable of detecting and acting on events. It is a key component of Teradata Active System Management (TASM).

Note: Teradata ASM is not fully supported on Teradata appliances. For more information, see appropriate appliance documents for further details.

Teradata Dynamic Workload Management APIs allow database administrators to:

  • Apply updates to the TASM rule categories (For descriptions of these rules, see Teradata Viewpoint User Guide.)
  • Monitor delayed requests
  • Release or abort requests from the delay queue
  • Display the workload definition of a query
  • Determine the current status of TASM rules and rule sets
  • Review statistics on how TASM rule categories are affecting request processing
  • Retrieve information about the current status of all event-related constructs
  • Enable or disable user-defined events for event management
  • For information on TASM rules and how to enable the rule categories in the Teradata Viewpoint Workload Designer portlet, see Teradata Viewpoint User Guide.

    For examples on performing these Teradata Dynamic Workload Management functions, see “Examples Using Open APIs” on page 47.