15.10 - Examples Using Open APIs - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Application Programming Reference

Teradata Database
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The following table describes the different uses of the Teradata Dynamic Workload Management open APIs.


You can execute the ...

To ...

MonitorSession and TDWMAssignWD functions

change the workload to WD-Report-High of all active requests with a workload of WD-Report-Low.

TDWMEventControl function

change the active health condition or planned environment on the system to adjust the throttles and, on SLES 10 or earlier systems, adjust the Priority Scheduler weights to handle the other dual active system being down.

TDWMEventStatus function

display all active events.

TDWMGetDelayedQueries and TDWMReleaseDelayedRequest functions

release all delayed queries for a specified workload.

TDWMRuleControl function

temporarily enable a rule to block an application for accessing a database while it is synchronized between two active systems.

TDWMSummary function

display the current workload summary statistics.

TDWMThrottleStatistics function

display the current delay queue statistics.