15.10 - Buffer Allocation with CLIv2 - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Application Programming Reference

Teradata Database
Programming Reference

A PM/API application, like a Teradata SQL application, requires space for a:

  • Response buffer, containing the parcels transmitted back from the Teradata Database.
  • Request buffer, containing the parcels sent to the Teradata Database.
  • Space for these two buffers is allocated for the application by CLIv2 based on the setting of DBCAREA arguments at the time a session is established. Default buffer sizes are controlled by the HSHSPB (control block containing site specific information), which is created during installation when CLI defaults are specified. The minimum size of a response buffer is 32,000 bytes.

    If your response buffer is not large enough, your application program may receive an error message. For details on error messages, see Messages.