15.10 - Differences Between Open APIs and PM/APIs - Teradata Database

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The following table describes the differences between open APIs (that is, SQL interfaces consisting of UDFs or external stored procedures) and PM/APIs.


Open APIs...


are issued in the current SQL partition

require logging on to the MONITOR partition. To view a diagram of the process, see “API Categories” on page 17.

require EXECUTE privilege on the function or external stored procedure

require MONITOR privileges.

use SQL parsing, dispatching steps, and UDF processing

require use of a custom application in C, Java, or some other programming language.

run in priority of account string or by the Teradata dynamic workload management software classification

run in the system priority.

can be placed on a Teradata dynamic workload management software delay queue and can block system resources

do not block.

use AMP Worker Tasks (AWTs)

are not subject to running out of resources (AWTs).