15.10 - Executing a Request with the Teradata JDBC Driver - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Application Programming Reference

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The client application uses a PreparedStatement, an object that represents a prepared SQL statement, for the PM/API requests. The client application:

  • Specifies the PM/API request text as the Connection PreparedStatement method’s SQL argument. The Connection interface represents a session with a specific database.
  • Is not permitted to specify multiple requests separated by semicolons.
  • Can only specify a single PM/API request.
  • Specifies the input data of the PM/API request with the PreparedStatement setter methods (for example, setString or setObject).
  • Must use the PreparedStatement execute() method to execute the PM/API request because each PM/API request may return multiple results. The execute() method handles these complex results.
  • For more information on the PreparedStatement and Connection methods, see Teradata JDBC Driver Reference.