15.10 - Logging On - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Application Programming Reference

Teradata Database
Programming Reference

A PM/API application logs on similar to a Teradata SQL application. However, there are some differences:

  • The partition name is MONITOR.
  • In a Java application, specify the Teradata JDBC Driver PARTITION=MONITOR connection parameter. For details, see Teradata JDBC Driver Reference.
  • In a CLIv2 application, set the following:
  • Run pointer to the address of the character string containing the word MONITOR.
  • Run length to the length in bytes of the character string containing the word MONITOR.
  • Your logon fails if:
  • You do not have the appropriate MONITOR privilege.
  • The PE or client that the MONITOR session is logged on to is already supporting its maximum number of four MONITOR sessions.
  • Note: Currently on the PE, the load balancing mechanism does not support MONITOR partition sessions. Session Control allocates MONITOR session requests to the PE on which a MONITOR session is logged until the four sessions per PE limit is reached.

  • The system-wide limitation of 128 concurrent MONITOR sessions is reached.