15.10 - Using the ABORT SESSION Request - Teradata Database

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If you are using a PM/API based application, you can issue the CLIv2 or the Teradata JDBC Driver ABORT SESSION request.

With the proper privileges granted, you can abort and log off a Teradata Database user.


If the ABORT SESSION command...

The Teradata Database user receives...

targets a current Teradata Database request or session

an error message that the transaction is aborted.

targets a request or session after the user has logged off from Teradata Database

an error message that the session is not currently logged on.

The error message is not returned to the user of the affected session until ABORT SESSION completes rolling back the current transaction or, if applicable, the session is logged off.

The status of an active session determines when the error message is received.


If, at the time you issue an ABORT REQUEST statement and...


a request is outstanding for the user session

error message is sent as a response to the current request.

no request is outstanding, but a session is in progress

user receives the error message when the next request is received.

For more information on this request, see “ABORT SESSION” on page 56.