15.10 - PM/APIs - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Application Programming Reference

Teradata Database
Programming Reference

PM/APIs provide access to PMPC routines resident in Teradata Database. The PMPC subsystem is available through a logon partition called MONITOR, using a specialized PM/API subset of CLIv2 or Teradata JDBC Driver.

PM/APIs have the following features:

  • CLIv2 or Teradata JDBC Driver data is acquired in near real time, with less overhead and minimal possibility of being blocked. These capabilities allow frequent in-process performance analysis.
  • CLIv2 request saves the raw data in an in-memory buffer where a client application program can easily retrieve the data for real-time analysis or importing into custom reports. The Teradata JDBC Driver returns the data as a JDBC ResultSet where a client application program can easily retrieve the data.
  • CLIv2 or Teradata JDBC Driver request provides access to data that the resource usage does not. For example, session-level resource usage data, and data on application locks and which application is being blocked.
  • Using PM/APIs may not be the right choice for all performance monitoring requirements. Standard performance monitoring tools and reports, such as resource usage reports, may be sufficient.

    For more information on how the PMPC subsytem manages PM/API requests, see the diagram in “API Categories” on page 17.