15.10 - PM/API Dynamic Data - Teradata Database

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When you issue a request through the Monitor partition, current and dynamic data is reported. PM/API requests place data in a global repository (in memory), not in an intermediary spool file (on disk). AMP, PE, node, and session-level usage data are each collected in independent data collection global areas.

As a result, changes in the resource collection rate have no impact on session-level data, and vice versa. Any MONITOR request, except MONITOR VIRTUAL CONFIG, MONITOR PHYSICAL CONFIG, and IDENTIFY, may cause the memory repository to be updated on demand (specifically, once each collection period). All users share the data in the repository, which is used to generate responses to both queries and CONTINUE requests.

Note: If, after issuing a PM/API request, the Monitor partition session returns an error parcel with empty error text, run the Database Initialization Program (DIP) option 1 (DIPERR), wait up to 60 minutes to reload the error text cache in the Monitor partition. After the error text cache is reloaded, the error parcels will have the proper error texts. For instructions on how to run DIP, see Utilities.