15.10 - Creating and Maintaining Query Lists - Teradata Database

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A query list allows you to identify and analyze a set of queries based on arbitrary user defined criteria.

Query List open APIs use one or more DBQL query IDs that are associated with a named identifier. This identifier can be passed to the Analyzer open API, AnalyzeStatsUsage, as an input argument. For more information about this open API, see “AnalyzeStatsUsage” on page 518.

You can use these open APIs to create and maintain query lists.


If you want to ...

Use the following SQL interface ...

create a new query list

“AddQueryList” on page 609.

add a query to a named list

“AddQueryListEntry” on page 611.

drop a list and all queries within it

“RemoveQueryList” on page 613.

drop an individual query from a list

“RemoveQueryListEntry” on page 615.