16.20 - File Download - Electronic Software Distribution

Electronic Software Distribution Guide

Electronic Software Distribution
February 2018
User Guide
There are three options that you can use to download software.
  • HTTP
  • Public FTP
  • FTP or SFTP
There are two different types of HTTP options:
  • HTTP (enhanced) for Customers: Customers accessing the http://esd.teradata.com site will be presented with this download option. This option uses the Akamai Download Manager to provide faster and more dependable http downloading. This option can also be leveraged by Teradata associates when accessing this site while off of the Teradata Network.
  • HTTP for Teradata Associates: This option bundles the selected files in one zip file and downloads the file to your local workstation.
    Teradata employees cannot download ESDM (for US tax-exempt) orders.

A high-speed connection (10 MBps or better) when downloading files is strongly recommended.

Do not decompress the downloaded files until you have moved them to the system where they will be installed. If you do so, the installation or upgrade process may fail.

The ESD web interface provides access to a number of features.

A: ESD/ESD User Manual
Toggles between the main page of the Teradata ESD web site and the ESD user documentation in PDF format.
B: Table of Contents
Download Software: Displays the files you can download in the right pane. Select the appropriate OS version for your system.
Release Definition: Opens the Teradata web site in a new window where you can search for Release Definitions and other publications.
Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT): Displays the page for downloading the TDput package that is used for installing and upgrading Teradata software.
FTP Log: Displays links to logs of the most recent FTP/SFTP sessions.
Teradata Public FTP: Displays the URL for the Teradata Public FTP site in the right pane.
Issues? Contact Us: Click to send an email to Information Products, Teradata ESD.
ESD Help: Click to display some basic help for the web site in the right pane.
C: Content display
Displays content relevant to the link clicked in the Table of Contents pane.
D: Download options
Provides options for download types and enables choice regarding label file download.