16.20 - Downloading Files Using FTP or SFTP - Electronic Software Distribution

Electronic Software Distribution Guide

Electronic Software Distribution
February 2018
User Guide

Use this procedure to download Teradata software using FTP or SFTP.

The FTP and SFTP options copy the selected files from the Teradata server to your host server.

Some pop-up blockers can interfere with viewing the FTP log window that contains important information about your downloads. Turn off any pop-up blockers or enable pop-ups for the ESD web site before proceeding. See the documentation for your browser or third-party pop-up blocker for instructions about how to do this.
If running FTP from behind a firewall, open the required ports before establishing an FTP connection. Coordinate opening the ports with the security group at the site before starting the download.
  1. In a web browser, go to http://esd.teradata.com and log in using the credentials provided by email.
  2. Indicate the files you want to download.
  3. Select FTP or SFTP to set the Download Type.
  4. Enter the following for your host server:
    • FTP/SFTP IP Address: The IP address of your host server either as dot decimal notation (xx.xx.xx.xx) or as a domain name (ftp.teradata.com)
    • FTP/SFTP UserName: The logon user name for your host server
    • FTP/SFTP Password: The logon password for your host server
    • FTP/SFTP Directory: An existing directory on your host server where you want to download the file. Do not enter anything to download to the root directory.

      If you are going to the Teradata FTP server, you can create a new directory using the format: /xfer/directory_name. The existing directory name must start with /xfer.

  5. Select the desired Download Label Files option. The label files provide additional details about the software packages. Teradata recommends that you download these files along with the software packages.
  6. Click Download to download the selected file from Teradata to your host server.
    If you have downloaded the files to an SFTP server, you must use an SFTP client such as WinSCP or FileZilla to move the files from that server to another location on your network. You cannot use a browser as you can with regular FTP downloads.
  7. When you have finished downloading your Teradata software, move and archive the downloaded files.