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SQLColAttribute supports several ODBC Driver for Teradata-defined column attributes as the FieldIdentifier argument. Additionally, using SQL_COLUMN_NAME returns the database TITLE (if available) instead of the name because this makes most report writers work more sensibly.

When using SQLColAttribute to obtain driver-defined attribute values, the type of the attribute must be specified in the BufferLength argument. In addition, SQLColAttribute returns the value through one of two pointers depending on the type: Integer information is returned in *NumericAttributePtr as a SQLLEN value; all other formats of information are returned in *CharacterAttributePtr. The pointer not being used for a particular attribute should be set to NULL in the call. For example, to obtain the value of the attribute SQL_DESC_TD_ODBC_TYPE:

rc = SQLColAttribute(hstmt, colno, SQL_DESC_TD_ODBC_TYPE, NULL, SQL_IS_SMALLINT, NULL, &NumAttrPtr);

The pointer used for each attribute defined by ODBC Driver for Teradata is indicated in the following table.

Driver-Defined FieldIdentifier Values
FieldIdentifier Value Returned In Description
SQL_COLUMN_ACTIVITY_TYPE NumericAttributePtr Integer that specifies the kind of SQL statement executed.
SQL_COLUMN_COST_ESTIMATE NumericAttributePtr Integer with a cost estimate for running the SQL statement.

The value returned represents the time estimate in seconds.

SQL_COLUMN_FORMAT CharacterAttributePtr Returns the Teradata FORMAT clause associated with the column.
SQL_COLUMN_ACTUAL_NAME CharacterAttributePtr Name associated with the result column.

This FieldIdentifier value is necessary because the meaning of SQL_COLUMN_NAME has changed.

SQL_COLUMN_CHARACTER_SET NumericAttributePtr Integer containing the character set of the column.
SQL_COLUMN_EXPORT_WIDTH NumericAttributePtr Integer containing the database export width for character columns.
SQL_COLUMN_EXPORT_WIDTH_ADJ NumericAttributePtr Integer containing the database export width adjustment for character columns.
SQL_COLUMN_EXPORT_BYTES NumericAttributePtr Integer containing the number of bytes that the database provides for a character column.
SQL_DESC_TD_ODBC_TYPE NumericAttributePtr An SQLSMALLINT that contains the Teradata ODBC-specific SQL data type code.

If multiple database types have the same standard ODBC SQL type, then the Teradata ODBC-specific SQL data type code can be used to distinguish between the types.

For more information about these attributes, see SQL Descriptor Fields.