17.20 - Version 15.10 - ODBC Driver for Teradata

ODBC Driver for Teradata® User Guide

ODBC Driver for Teradata
Release Number
June 2022
English (United States)
Last Update
Features introduced with this version of ODBC Driver for Teradata include the following:
  • A new parser, developed for replacing ODBC escape sequences
  • Support for leap seconds
  • Parsing of SQL from memory, instead of using a temporary file on Linux/Unix/Apple macOS platforms
  • Support for date round-trip of Number type to SQL_C_BINARY to SQL_DOUBLE (NUMBER data type)
  • Support for TD columnar functionality
  • Performance improvements when obtaining large result-set fetches
  • Acceptance of connection-string keywords and odbc.ini parameters interchangeably
  • Use of the -02 compiler optimization level for better performance on the Linux platform
  • Now supported on RedHat 7
  • Now supported on Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Support for new PASS THROUGH tokens for External-Languages like MongoDB
  • Support for the ODBC scalar function [fn RIGHT()]
  • Support for Trusted Sessions Security
  • Support for the TDNEGO security mechanism
  • Support for the SQL interface for Ferret ShowWhere command
  • Support for the XSLT based mapping definition for XML shredding
  • Support for Column Partitioning with a Primary AMP Index or a Primary Index
  • *Support for the Secure Zones feature
  • *Support for SAS (Statistical Analysis System) Metadata feature
  • *Support for the Load Isolation feature
  • *Support for SQL-H enhancements
Features designated by an * only work with the new parser and won’t work with the legacy parser.

Key Features

Key Features
Feature Description
Release 15.10.04
  • Support for user-selectable directories during install.
  • Provided disk space requirements for installation.
Big Data and UDA Enabling TPT Access Module for Amazon S3 for data import/export from/to Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)
Release 15.10
New Teradata Database Features
  • Support for BSON storage format.
  • MLOADX Array Insert – Performance improvement
  • LOB Load/Unload Times – Support DBS improvement of LOB load/unload times by using deferred mode only when necessary
Extend the Lead
  • Support DBS Columnar enhancements
Quality / Supportability
  • Improved maintenance packages
  • Improved TTU installs
  • Improved validation of TTU installs
Industry Compatibility
  • Support DBS Secure Zone feature.
  • Support DBS simplified user logons for users and tools. Provide a new mechanism that will automatically determine the actual logon mechanism required, based on policy, with the user's involvement.
  • TPT to Bundle Progress/DataDirect ODBC Drivers for TPT ODBC Operator to allow data to be pulled from other databases; e.g., Oracle.
  • Data Access Tools continued adherence to industry standards for the interfaces

Key Changes in Product Behavior

This version of the ODBC Driver for Teradata® User Guide does not contain this information.

Key Changes in System Behavior

15.10.04 release
Key Change Description
ODBC-16876 The new lightweight parser transforms the ODBC Scalar functions within the ODBC Escape Sequence syntax to the Teradata Database specific functions. The ODBC Escape Sequence for calling a scalar function is:

{fn scalar-function}

The new lightweight parser ignores ODBC scalar functions outside of the ODBC escape sequence (i.e. scalar-function vs. {fn scalar-function} ) and the query is passed as is to the Teradata Database. The query executes successfully if the Teradata Database supports the ODBC scalar function; otherwise the query produces an error. Please refer to Teradata Database Functions, Operators, Expressions and Predicates user guide for the list of the Teradata Database supported scalar functions.

Deprecated/Removed Features

The following table lists the features that have been deprecated or removed from the Teradata Tools and Utilities 15.10.04 release.

Feature Description
Legacy ODBC SQL Parser

The Legacy ODBC SQL parser has been deprecated. The EnableLegacyParser DSN option has been added to still allow using Legacy parser, if desired, however, the default value has been set to the new parser.

Teradata ODBC 15.10 Driver users are strongly advised to test existing applications with the new ODBC SQL parser, and modify them if the SQL does not conform to the ODBC Specification or the Teradata Database SQL Syntax/Scalar Functions. The new applications or enhancements to existing applications must conform to the new parser.

The Legacy ODBC SQL parser has been capped to support Teradata Database features for Releases 15.00 and prior. The Database features for Releases 15.10 and above are not supported. Users are strongly advised to retain the default value for the EnableLegacyParser DSN option when using the Teradata ODBC 15.10 driver with Teradata Database 15.10 or later. Support for the capped Legacy ODBC SQL parser will be maintained through Teradata ODBC 16.xx release program, but discontinued afterwards.