17.20 - Version 16.00 - ODBC Driver for Teradata

ODBC Driver for Teradata® User Guide

ODBC Driver for Teradata
Release Number
June 2022
English (United States)
Last Update

Key Features

Key Changes in Product Behavior

Improvements introduced with this version of ODBC Driver for Teradata include the following:
  • Now supported on AIX 7.2
  • Now supported on Apple OSX 10.11
  • Performance improvement when querying column and procedure information
Features introduced with this version of ODBC Driver for Teradata include the following:
  • Support for row size up to 1MB and Maximum Response Buffer Size up to 16MB
  • Added support for Windows Session character sets supported in past DBS releases
  • Allow support for multiple driver instances from 16.00 onward:
    • The new driver name is Teradata Database ODBC Driver 16.00 This change in driver name will affect applications that have old driver name Teradata hardcoded in their connection strings
    • Starting with 16.00, the driver will no longer automatically migrate DSNs during installation. DSNs for older versions of the driver will not be converted to 16.00 DSNs.
  • Support round-trip Unicode character pass-through

Key Changes in System Behavior

Key Change Description
ODBC-16876 The new lightweight parser transforms the ODBC Scalar functions within the ODBC Escape Sequence syntax to the Teradata Database specific functions. The ODBC Escape Sequence for calling a scalar function is:

{fn scalar-function}

The new lightweight parser ignores ODBC scalar functions outside of the ODBC escape sequence (i.e. scalar-function vs. {fn scalar-function} ) and the query is passed as is to the Teradata Database. The query executes successfully if the Teradata Database supports the ODBC scalar function; otherwise the query produces an error. Please refer to Teradata Database Functions, Operators, Expressions and Predicates user guide for the list of the Teradata Database supported scalar functions.

Deprecated/Removed Features

There are no deprecated/removed features for this release.