17.20 - Recoverable Network Protocol and Redrive Capability - ODBC Driver for Teradata

ODBC Driver for Teradata® User Guide

ODBC Driver for Teradata
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June 2022
English (United States)
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The following features were introduced in Teradata Database 14.10. They are now supported in ODBC Driver for Teradata 17.00.

The Recoverable Network Protocol (RNP) and the Redrive features work in tandem to hide system events like transient network failures, node failures and trusted parallel application (TPA) resets from applications.

The default setting for whether ODBC Driver for Teradata will participate in Redrive is dependent on the setting in the database.
When Redrive is enabled, the database and driver need to track and exchange progress and the status of queries which causes overhead that affects performance.
  • If Redrive is enabled, RNP is automatically used. RNP cannot be enabled or disabled separately.
  • If Redrive is disabled, when a network error occurs, the transaction is aborted and all responses are deleted. With the RNP/Redrive feature, the database keeps the transactions open, keeps all responses available and Redrive any pending requests after a database reset.