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The References report shows:

  • All Triggers and Join Indexes defined on the selected table.
  • All tables that reference the selected table through a Foreign Key Constraint.
  • All Views and Macros that directly reference the selected table.
  • Note: This feature is only available for those who have Select access on the dbc.DBase, dbc.TVM, and dbc.TextTbl tables.

    The References report does not show indirect references to tables or views, such as when a Macro calls a view which is based on a table or another view. This lower level table or view does not show up in the references report.

    Use the following procedure to view information about references for the selected table.

    1 Select the table(s) in the grid.

    2 From the main window, click Object > References.

    Teradata Administrator searches for references that are in the overflow table (dbc.TextTbl) and the dbc.TVM table.