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Use the following procedure to grant or revoke object rights (database-, table-, view-, or macro-level) to users or roles.

1 From the main window, click Tools > Grant / Revoke > Object Rights.

2 Fill in or modify the fields as indicated in Table 27 on page 82.

User rights are indicated by check boxes displaying the following states:


Table 26: Object Rights Dialog Box Description



User does not have the right.

User has the right but not the authority to grant it.

User has the right and also the authority to grant it.

3 Do one of the following:

  • Click Grant to grant the selected privileges to the user.
  • Click Revoke to revoke the selected privileges from the user.
  • Click Display to show the privileges for the currently selected user.
  • Click Clear to clear all the check boxes.
  • 4 Click Close when finished.