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Use the following procedure to create an authorization.

1 From the main window, click Tools > Create > Authorization.

2 Define the attributes and options as indicated in Table 19.

3 Select the database or user in the Database Name field.

4 Enter a name for the authorization in the Authorization Name field.

Authorizations make an association between a database user and an operating system server user identification, allowing an external routine to run in secure mode using the context, privileges, and access control accrued to the specified operating system user.

5 Select either Invoker or Definer as the authorization type.

6 [Optional] If Definer is selected, Default can be selected.

7 Enter the Domain, User Name, and Password.

The UNIX or Windows User Name and Password must be defined on every node of the system, and it must be a member of the tdatudf user group.

Note: Type the complete password. Do not use the Paste command in the Password field. Do not use the arrow keys or the mouse to navigate in the Password field.

8 [Optional] Enter a Comment.

9 Click Create.

The status bar indicates the authorization has been created.