Chapter 3 Configuring Teradata Administrator - Teradata Administrator

Teradata Administrator User Guide

Teradata Administrator
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Before using Teradata Administrator:

1 Ensure the proper access privileges are set

2 Define the data sources to connect to

3 Define operational preferences

4 Connect to a data source

The following topics describe these procedures in detail. If a new installation of Teradata Administrator is being configured, complete steps one through three.

  • Database Access Prerequisites
  • Step 1 - Define a Data Source
  • Step 2a - Set Database Options
  • Step 2b - Set Filtering Options
  • Step 2c - Set Confirmation Options
  • Step 2d - Set Browse Options
  • Step 2e - Set General Options
  • Step 2f - Set the Data Directory
  • Step 3 - Connect to a Data Source