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This section describes how to apply existing security constraints to a user or profile.

1 Create one or more security constraints. F

or instructions, see “To create or administer security constraints” on page 76.

2 Perform one of the following actions to add a predefined security constraint:

  • For user accounts, click Tools > Modify User, select the user to be modified, and click Add under Security Constraints. Table 11 contains more information about the Modify User dialog.
  • For profiles, click Tools > Administer Profiles, select the profile in the Profile Name Field, click the Security tab, and click Add under Security Constraints.
  • Table 20 contains more information about the Administer Profiles dialog.

    3 Complete the fields in the Add Security Constraints dialog box.

    Add Security Constraints Options for Users and Profiles


    Table 23: Add Security Constraints Dialog Box (Users and Profiles) Description 

    Field or Control Name


    (Unlabeled listbox)

    A list of all the security constraints currently defined on this system.


    The defined values for the selected Security constraint. Select one or more.


    If more than one Value is selected then select the list item that should be the default.


    Adds the selected constraint and value(s) to the user or profile.


    Closes the Add Security Constraints dialog without adding a constraint.