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Note: The actual column headings are a function of the database itself.


Table 41: Rights Held by DB/User Report 

Field or Control


Database Name

Name of the database that the right applies to, or which contains the table to which the right applies.

Object Name

Name of the object to which the right applies, if a table-level right.

Column Name

Name of the column to which the right applies, if a column-level right.

Access Rights

One- or two-character code (see Table 42) for each access privilege the user has on this database, table, or column.


Indicates if the user has authority to grant this right to others (Y for yes or N for no).

If the right is held directly by a user, it wll be Y or N. If the right is granted through role membership, the RoleName displays.

Allness Flag

Indicates whether the right is automatically propagated to databases created below this user:

Y = the right is automatically propagated

N = the right is not automatically propagated

Grantor Name

Name of the user who granted this access privilege.