Step 2d - Set Browse Options - Teradata Administrator

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Teradata Administrator
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Use the following procedure to set the browse options.

1 From the main window, click Tools > Options.

2 Click the Browse tab.

3 Set your browse preferences by choosing the following:

  • Display a column selection list before browsing – Select to display a dialog box listing all the columns in the specified table or view. Select the columns to browse. If not selected, all columns display when browsing a table.
  • Estimate time and row count before browsing – Select to display an estimate of the time it takes to display the Browse window and the number of rows to be returned. Either proceed or cancel the Browse command.
  • Row Limit – Enter the maximum number of rows to be returned in response to a Browse command.
  • 4 Continue setting operational preferences using “Step 2e - Set General Options” on page 38, or click OK to save your changes and exit the dialog box.