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Teradata® AppCenter User Guide

Teradata AppCenter
May 2019
User Guide
AppCenter is a web-based platform that allows you to create, share, and use custom apps and scripts to query data on Teradata Vantage, Teradata Database, Aster Database, Presto, and Hive systems. You can also create helpful visualizations.
Registries and Docker-based container apps are supported for standalone AppCenter that is not on Vantage platform.
AppCenter users include the following:
  • Developers who want to build, share, and deploy analytical use cases
  • Non-technical users who can run apps and scripts, study job results data, and share insights
You can develop apps or scripts in AppCenter, or develop apps and scripts using the coding tools of your choice and store them in AppCenter.
  • Apps: Use Java, Python, or SQL to develop container apps, or AppCenter Java and Python SDKs.
  • Scripts: Use SQL or BTEQ within AppCenter, or sync from a GitHub repo.
You can interact with AppCenter in the following ways:
  • AppCenter User Interface (English, Japanese, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese from the selected locale in your browser)
  • APIs
  • CLI
The AppCenter UI includes a "" > Browse ("") work environment and a "" > Develop ("") work environment.
Task I Want To Browse Develop
Create or Edit
  Create and edit apps and app names  
  Create and edit scripts and script names  
  Make an app or script a favorite
  Apply or edit a tag for an app or script  
  Filter by apps, scripts, favorites, or tags
  Bookmark any AppCenter URL page to get back to it quickly.
  Run a job (query) for apps and scripts that run once or on a schedule
  Run a job (query) for apps that run until stopped  
  Open a job (query) for apps that run until stopped
  View system messages
  Contact an app or script owner