1.8 - Create an SQL Script with a Visualization (with Video) - Teradata AppCenter

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Teradata AppCenter
May 2019
User Guide

Watch an end-to-end example of how users or administrators can create a script that visualizes relationship data in a Sankey diagram.

The video is based on AppCenter running in Chrome on a Windows system.

For more information about creating scripts, see Creating Scripts.

Here are the steps included in the video:

  1. In the Develop work environment, name and create an SQL script.
  2. Change the script icon color and image.
  3. Upload a file containing SQL script code.
  4. Configure the script user options. Options include selecting a default system, which you can change later, and adding a visualization.
  5. Describe the script and add a filtering tag to make it easier to find.
  6. Set permissions for the script. Permissions allow you to choose who can access the script and manage it. Managing includes the ability to change the script and add other users.
  7. Run the script from the Develop environment. You can keep the default system or select another one. You can schedule when the script should run (once or on a schedule), and name and describe the job (query results).
  8. View the job results. You can change the results label at this point.
  9. Explore the details of the visualization, such as the Sankey diagram in the sample video.
  10. If you want to share the job results, specify which users can see them.