1.8 - User Quick Start - Teradata AppCenter

Teradata® AppCenter User Guide

Teradata AppCenter
May 2019
User Guide

Administrators can perform all tasks a user can perform.

Task or Feature Considerations and Dependencies
Create an app. Registries store the Docker images for apps. The root user must first create a registry that you specify when creating an app. Apps that run once or on a schedule support visualizations.
Create a script. AppCenter supports SQL and BTEQ scripts. Upload script files or sync scripts from a GitHub repo. SQL scripts support visualizations.
See visualization relationships by format. Apps that run once or on schedule and SQL scripts support a variety of built-in visualization formats and types. Alternatively, you can upload your own visualization assets for those app and script types.
Search for apps and scripts. Quickly find any app or script using Search apps and scripts from any AppCenter dialog.
Mark an app or script as a favorite. Mark any app or script as a favorite, then filter by favorites or a combination of favorites, tags, and apps or scripts.
Filter and bookmark certain views. AppCenter provides filter options for several views. For example, in Browse and Develop, you can filter the list to see just apps or scripts. In addition, you can filter the logs you see by log type. Any time your view in AppCenter results in a separate URL, you can bookmark it to get back to it quickly. For example, you can create a bookmark for just the apps or scripts in Browse and Develop, a bookmark to the overview of a particular app or script or app or script results.