1.8 - Editing and Deleting Service Accounts for System Credentials - Teradata AppCenter

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Teradata AppCenter
May 2019
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"" Root User

You can change the name and credentials for a service account, remove certain administrators from service accounts, or delete service accounts. When you delete a service account, it does not remove administrators who have been granted permissions to service accounts.

  1. Select "" > Settings > Service Accounts, then do one of the following:
  2. Select "", then select "" next to administrator's username.
    Option Action
    Edit service account
    1. Select "" > Edit, then make your changes.
    Delete service account
    1. Select "" > Delete.
    Remove administrators from service account permissions When you remove an administrator from permissions, AppCenter removes them from permissions for all existing service accounts, and they can no longer assign service accounts to any apps or scripts.
    1. Select "" > "" .