16.20 - Resolved Issues - Teradata Tools and Utilities

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Teradata Tools and Utilities
October 2018
Release Notes
Resolved issues track corrections and updates to Teradata Tools and Utilities software and to documentation affected by the updates.
ODBC Driver Issues
Issue Description
TDS-86 When you use the driver with the DataDirect driver manager, the driver fails to convert ANSI ODBC function calls to Unicode ODBC function calls.
ODBC-17959/TDS-102 The driver is now compatible with version 8.x of the DataDirect driver manager.
TDS-114 When logging is enabled, the driver now logs calls from the TeraSSO and LCC dependencies in the connection logs instead of in the driver logs.
TDS-119 In some cases, when installed on a machine that runs an earlier version of AIX, the driver cannot be loaded.
TDS-121 The driver returns incorrect parameter counts for queries that contain nested user-defined method (UDM) functions, and fails to execute these queries.
TDS-136 When you execute a distributed query on a SQL Server linked server, the driver returns an error.
TDS-140 If SQLDescribeCol is called multiple times on the same prepared statement, the driver returns an empty column name after the first time.
TDS-147 The driver packages for some Unix platforms are larger than expected, causing excessive space to be consumed when the driver is installed.
TDS-148 In some cases, when executing DELETE statements with arrays of parameters, the driver returns SQL_NO_DATA instead of SQL_SUCCESS when no rows are affected.
TDS-149 On Windows, when you execute a SQL statement that contains a Unix line feed character, the driver returns an error.
TDS-150 In some cases, the driver overrides Auto Generated Key Retrieval (AGKR) settings that were specified before the connection was established.
TDS-158 On Windows, when the driver opens a dialog box to prompt you for additional connection information, the Mechanism and Session Charset drop-down lists cannot be fully displayed at the same time
TDS-160 When attempting to insert a NULL value into a PERIOD column as a parameter, the driver returns an error.
TDS-163 The driver cannot connect to Teradata Database instances that have the "Require Confidentiality" option enabled.
A memory allocation error can occur under the following conditions:
  • When SQL_ATTR_PARAMSET_SIZE is set to a number greater than 1
  • Array mode is used to insert multiple rows
  • There is a combination of null and non-null values of the SQL attribute parameters

The driver returns the following message when this occurs: "std::bad_alloc exception caught".

TDS-179 On Unix or Linux systems, driver manager software may not be correctly detected.
TDS-180 If you bind a NULL value to a DECIMAL column in the last set of a parameter array, incorrectly scaled data may be be written to the database for that DECIMAL column.
TDS-182 When you insert CLOB data with the connection attribute SQL_AUTOCOMMIT_ON enabled, the database error "The parcel stream is invalid" may occur.
TDS-184 The DSN parameter AccountStr is incorrectly implemented as AccountString.
TDS-190 On the Connection dialog on Windows, if "Use Integrated Security" is selected with no Username entered, then the driver will die.