16.20 - Key Features - Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata® Tools and Utilities Release Definition

Teradata Tools and Utilities
October 2018
Release Notes

This table lists major enhancements made to the Teradata Tools and Utilities suite of products. The enhancements include support for Teradata Database features and Teradata Tools and Utilities-specific improvements.

Not all new Teradata Database enhancements require modifications to TTU products. In the Product Information chapter, the Enhancements section for each product lists the enhancements for that product. If a new database feature is not listed, then it means that the TTU product implicitly supports the feature.
Feature 16.20.00 16.20 Feature Update 1 16.20 Feature Update 2
Big Data and UDA Enabling
  • Support DBS Features:
    • Time Series Table
    • DATASET Storage Format CSV
  • TPT:
    • Add Windows support for Teradata Access Module for Kafka
      This is planned for version
    • LOB and SLOB support to Stream Operator
    • SLOB support to Update Operator
  • Support DBS Features:
    • SET TRANSFORM GROUP FOR TYPE support for complex data types (CDT)
  • JDBC:
    • Additional Built-in Functions for escape syntax
  • TPT:
    • Improve TPT start-up and tear-down performance
    • SLOB support to Stream & Update Operator
  • Support DBS Features:
    • JDBC - JWT (JSON Web token) authentication
    • ODBC – UDF upload to Teradata Database
  • TPT:
    • Various Kafka Access Module improvements
    • Automated selection of session when producer is a file reader
    • S3 Access Module – support for S3 compatible storage
Industry Compatibility
  • "New" ODBC Driver
    • Leverage Simba Technologies ODBC Engine
    • (new) UnixODBC Driver Manager support
    • (new) iODBC Driver Manager support
  • Improved support of ODBC Scalar Functions (without escape sequences)
  • Teradata SQL Driver for Python – The Teradata SQL Driver for Python is a new software package that enables Python applications to connect to the Teradata Database.

    Download the Teradata SQL Driver for Python from pypi.org via pip install teradatasql.

  • BTEQ 64-bit version (Linux)
  • New OS versions:
    • Amazon Linux 2
    • OSX 10.13
    • SLES 15
    • Ubuntu 18.04
TTU Quality/Supportability Performance
  • TTU installation
    • Re-structure and rewrite TTU Installation Guides
    • Merge Modules for ODBC Packages
    • Digital Signatures for Linux rpms
TTU installation:
  • Windows – Allow customization of products in Windows Suite UI flow
  • Linux – Self-contained Efix software bundles
  • Linux – tarball install option
  • TTU Installation – Windows install troubleshooting application
  • TD Wallet – Improve value retrieval performance

Known Issues

There are no known issues for this release.