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October 2018
Release Notes
Teradata Workload Analyzer helps DBAs identify classes of queries (workloads) and provides recommendations on workload definitions and operating rules to ensure that database performance meets Service Level Goals (SLGs). When DBAs can control resource allocations, they are better able to ensure satisfactory response times for critical queries. Teradata Workload Analyzer helps DBAs effectively manage distribution of resources using graphical displays, such as the following:
  • Distribution graphs showing resources distribution for workload queries
  • Histograms showing actual service levels, along with recommended settings

In addition, Teradata Workload Analyzer supports the conversion of existing Priority Definitions (PDs) sets into new workloads. This is helpful for users of earlier versions of Teradata Priority Scheduler Administrator, who created PD sets to control allocation and consumption of system resources.

Product Version Number

Teradata Workload Analyzer

Supported Teradata Database Versions

  • Teradata Database 16.20
  • Teradata Database 16.10
  • Teradata Database 15.10
  • Teradata Database 15.0
  • Teradata Database 14.10


Teradata® Workload Analyzer User Guide, B035-2514