15.00 - How It Works - FastLoad

Teradata FastLoad Reference

Programming Reference

How It Works

Teradata FastLoad processes a series of Teradata FastLoad commands and Teradata SQL statements entered either interactively or in batch mode.

Use the Teradata FastLoad commands for session control and data handling of the data transfers. The Teradata SQL statements create, maintain, and drop tables on the Teradata Database.

During a load operation, Teradata FastLoad inserts the data from each record of the data source into one row of the table on a Teradata Database. The table on the Teradata Database receiving the data must be empty and have no defined secondary indexes.

Note: Teradata FastLoad does not load duplicate rows from the data source to the Teradata Database. (A duplicate row is one in which every field contains the exact same data as the fields of an existing row.) This is true even for MULTISET tables. To load duplicate rows in a MULTISET table, use MultiLoad.