15.00 - Overview - FastLoad

Teradata FastLoad Reference

Programming Reference


A paused Teradata FastLoad job is one that was halted, before completing, during the loading or end loading phase of the Teradata FastLoad operation. The paused condition can be intentional, or the result of a system failure or error condition.

A Teradata FastLoad job can be paused intentionally by using the LOGOFF or QUIT command before the END LOADING command in the Teradata FastLoad job script, as when running a multifile Teradata FastLoad job.

Starting from Teradata Tools and Utilities 14.00, there is a data signature included in checkpoint information. That data signature is validated during a restart and may result in new errors at the beginning of a restart.

Unintentional conditions that can pause a Teradata FastLoad job include:

  • Client system or Teradata FastLoad failures
  • Unrecoverable error conditions
  • Database or table overfills
  • Teradata Database failures
  • When a Teradata FastLoad job is in the paused state, the Teradata FastLoad target table and the two error tables on the Teradata Database are locked. Two error tables can be accessed by using a locking modifier, such as: