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FastLoad TMSM Integration

Teradata Multi‑System Manager (TMSM) is the monitoring and control facility for a variety of Dual Active Solutions offered by Teradata. The expected users of this facility are administrators of the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) such as Teradata Database administrators, ETL maintenance staff, systems administrators, or anyone who needs to monitor and control processes that include, but are not limited to, Teradata Load and Unload Utilities, Teradata SQL, ETL tools, and Teradata Database.

To integrate with TMSM, FastLoad has been enhanced to collect operational metadata and event data, obtain the Unit of Work ID (UOW ID) from TMSM for a job, and send such data to TMSM for monitoring purposes using the “send event” interface as described in the TMSM Event System API Reference. By default, a FastLoad job will send events to TMSM as long as TMSM is active. If TMSM is not active, the job will continue to run, except that no events will be sent to TMSM.

Simple ETL process monitoring requires the tracking of the “start” and “end” of the process, which can include multiple “steps”, each of which represents an activity or event of the process to be monitored. In terms of FastLoad, a load job can be regarded as such a process.

FastLoad follows the flow required by TMSM:

1 Obtain a system‑generated UOW ID from TMSM for a FastLoad job

2 Send a “start” event to TMSM along with the UOW ID

3 Optionally send one or more “step” events to TMSM along with the UOW ID

4 Send an “end” event to TMSM along with the UOW ID

Below is an example of how a FastLoad job sends event messages to TMSM in order for the job to be monitored:

  • At job start: “Connecting session(s)”
  • At step start of acquisition: “Acquisition begins”
  • At step checkpoint time: “Checkpoint completes”
  • At step end of acquisition: “Acquisition completes”
  • At step end of application: “Application complete”
  • At job end: “Job terminating”