15.00 - Creating Custom INMOD Routines - FastLoad

Teradata FastLoad Reference

Programming Reference

Creating Custom INMOD Routines

To meet specific system needs, either write custom INMOD routines, or modify the sample Teradata FastLoad INMOD routines to:

  • Select only records that meet specific criteria
  • Convert certain fields to a different data type
  • Perform other functions, as required
  • Whenever a new INMOD routine is created, or modify an existing the new or modified routine must be compiled and linked into a shared object for use by Teradata FastLoad.

    Note for UNIX operating system users: Teradata FastLoad 6.0 and later uses dynamic linking to load INMOD routines at run time. As a result, any INMOD routines created or modified under earlier versions of the utility must be recompiled and re‑linked.

    For procedures and examples of compiling and linking INMOD routines, see Appendix C: “INMOD and Notify Exit Routine Examples.”