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Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)
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February 2020
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The Partition LUN step partitions the Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs) previously created by the Disk Array Setup step. Each partition created here can later be configured as a Teradata Pdisk. Only unpartitioned LUNs are partitioned.

In Typical configuration mode there is no user interaction. Each LUN is partitioned using the standard default value of one partition per lun or the value that was determined in the Clique Amp Modeling plug-in.
  • Each of the LUNs to be partitioned display in a tree format.
  • Each LUN is a branch in the tree with the parameters for that LUN shown as its children.
  • The parameters displayed include the node from which the LUN will be partitioned, the stripe width, and the number of partitions per LUN. Of these, only the number of partitions per LUN can be changed.

In Custom configuration mode only, you see the LUNs that will be partitioned.

In the Partition LUN step you have the following options:
Option Action
Accept the default value Click Next.
Change the default value Right-click the number of partitions line per LUN and select a value from the menu.
This changes the value for one LUN only. You must repeat this on each LUN you want to change.

Partitioning LUNs may take several minutes. When LUN partitioning is complete, PUT continues through the next two steps with status screens. As each step is completed, a check mark appears next to the step in the Table of Contents.