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Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)
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February 2020
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

The Run Config step configures a system and assigns the mappings to the database when it is run as part of the Move AMPs/PEs operation.

The Run Config and Run Reconfig steps (which are run during the Configure Teradata Vantage operation) configure and reconfigure a changed system. The Run Config step checks the current configuration of the database for any changes that have been made. Then, after modification, the Reconfig step assigns the mapping to the database.

PUT automatically generates the configuration commands to execute, in the configcmds.txt file. If running in custom mode, and you are an expert user, you can use notepad or your favorite text editor to modify this file. The hostname and directory location of the configcmds.txt file are shown on screen. To edit the file, connect to the system specified by Host. The Filename is the path to the file on that system. When you click Next at the Run Config step, the configuration commands in the configcmds.txt file execute.

Edit configcmds.txt message

Config Log Files

Config log files are generated and stored after PUT runs the Run Config step. The log files created use the following format to indicate the time and date the step was run: Config_date_time.log .

The log files are stored in /var/opt/teradata/support.