System/AMP Operational Messages - Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)

Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT) Reference

Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)
Release Number
February 2020
English (United States)
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Teradata Tools and Utilities
Message Description
Validation Checks Completed This message appears when you click Verify to check the current AMP definitions. This indicates that the current AMP definitions are valid for all cliques that appear in the Configured list.
AMPn is not the last AMP in the current configuration This message appears when you try to delete one or more AMPs without including the last AMP in the configuration. When deleting AMPs, you must always delete the last, or highest-numbered AMP first.
AMPn has active status and cannot be deleted at this time This message appears when you try to delete an AMP that is still considered active by Teradata. To delete an AMP from the configuration, you must first use the Teradata “config” and “reconfig” utilities to delete the AMP before running PUT. This leaves the AMPs status as inactive and it can then be deleted.
Clique n has no AMPs defined This message appears when you click Next on the Configure AMPs screen while there are still cliques remaining in the Unconfigured list. It is also possible to see this message if you explicitly configured a clique with zero AMPs. Each clique must have at least one AMP and you must configure all cliques before you can complete this step.
Warning! New storage has been added to the system since Teradata was last configured This message occurs only when running in Typical Configuration mode. It indicates that new pdisks have been found that are currently not part of the existing Teradata configuration. You can:
  • Click Add to have PUT automatically create new AMPs and add the new pdisks to them
  • Click Ignore to have PUT ignore the new pdisks
  • Click Cancel to abort the operation
Warning - Unbalanced Storage! This message indicates that one or more cliques have an unbalanced storage condition. “Unbalanced” means that there are multiple sizes of pdisks and different numbers of disks with each size (for example, 4 disks of one size and 7 disks of another). Proceed to the Pdisk Configuration step and verify that the AMP to Pdisk assignments are acceptable.
Warning - Too much storage for default AMP mapping This message indicates that the specified clique has more storage space than can be configured using normal defaults. This should never occur in a normal system. However, it is theoretically possible to exceed the limits of Teradata pdisk addressing by connecting a small number of nodes to a large number of disk arrays. In this situation, you must specify which pdisks are used and which are left unassigned in the Pdisk Configuration step.
Unassigned AMPs left This message indicates there were not enough pdisks to assign evenly to the newly defined AMPs, the result of a basic configuration error. Examine the PUT sequencer log for additional information about the pdisk<>AMP mapping problem.
Unassigned Storage left This message indicates there were pdisks that could not be assigned to AMPs using the standard assignment rules. This is usually the result of an unbalanced storage condition or the presence of new storage added to the system since the last time Teradata was configured. Use the Pdisk Configuration step to examine the pdisk<>AMP assignments and verify they are as expected, or make modifications as necessary.