Customer Mode Basics - Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)

Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT) Reference

Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)
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February 2020
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

Before using PUT in Customer Mode, note the outlined differences from full mode operation.

Available Operations

The PUT Customer Mode offers the following operations:
  • Simplified Install/Upgrade software
  • Simplified Install/Upgrade PUT
  • Rebuilding vconfig file
  • Log Collection
  • Full Disk Encryption

Customer Mode Interface

The Customer Mode interface is the same as the Teradata Support Mode, with the following exceptions:
  • Customer Mode displays in the upper right of the screen.
  • Customer Mode only has two icons on the main screen: Install/Upgrade Software and Install/Upgrade PUT.
  • By default, the Table of Contents is closed in Customer Mode, although it can be displayed.

Node Selection

Node selection is automatic in Customer Mode.
Nodes Selected in Customer Mode
SMP The local host.
MPP All nodes on byn0.

If the system is running Vantage, PUT verifies that all nodes in the mpplist are selected.

Source Directory

Customer Mode uses a single, hardcoded default source directory for upgrade packages: /var/opt/teradata/customermodepkgs

All cert lists used in the upgrades must be in that source directory.


The PUT Customer Mode defaults to non-VM&F upgrades. However, if the upgrade is for a kernel package, VM&F is selected.

Maintenance Window

In the PUT Customer Mode, a maintenance window automatically opens for the upgrade. The maintenance window stays open until the upgrade is complete or until it is manually closed. After 24 hours, it automatically closes.


If you are upgrading the five primary Vantage components (ppdegpl, ppde, ptdbms, tdgss, and tgtw), Customer Mode verifies that the new components match the Major.Minor levels of the current database.

If you are upgrading fewer than the five primary components, Customer Mode verifies the Major.Minor.Maintenance levels of the current database.


Be aware of the following restrictions:
  • The PUT master node (for example, where the browser is running) must be one of the selected nodes to upgrade.
  • In MPP systems, all nodes to be upgraded must be on byn0.
  • PUT Customer Mode cannot be used for new installs.
  • At this time, Aster Database cannot be upgraded through Customer Mode. Always use Teradata Support Mode.
  • Full Disk Encryption can only be used to Query FDE Status or Change the Passphrase on an already encrypted system.