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Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)
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February 2020
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Choose Firmware Type displays the types of firmware that can be downloaded, depending on the disk array. There are different options available for NetApp and DotHill. If you selected Query Array Health as the component type, PUT skips this step.

NetApp Arrays

PUT supports the download of multiple firmware types in a single operation. To perform a download of multiple firmware types, select the corresponding checkbox for each download type desired.

Type Description
Array Controller Firmware This type of firmware goes on the array controller. This normally comes in .dlp files.
Array Controller NVSRAM Non-Volatile Static Random Access memory is also referred to as Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory. These also come in .dlp files, but are much smaller (usually less than 32KB). The NVSRAM is an integrated circuit that stores option settings and board-specific information that needs to be preserved across controller board resets.
Array Controller ESM Firmware The Environmental Services Monitor (ESM) board monitors the status of the overall subsystem to which it is attached. The firmware is found in .esm files for NS7 and 6287, and .s3r for all others.
ESM Components This file is released as a .dlp file.
Firmware Bundle The firmware bundle contains management software, controller firmware, supervisor software, and ESM components.
Parallel Drive Download This is the firmware that goes on each drive in the array.
  • For Parallel Drive Download, the file type is .dlp
The firmware types available to download may vary depending on the selected array types.

The firmware bundle is released for the 280X Controller.

PUT supports the following types of controller firmware download:
  • Controller/Tray FW
    • Teradata Storage Array Controller Firmware
    • Teradata Storage Array Controller NVSRAM
    • Teradata Storage Array ESM Firmware
    • Teradata Storage Array ESM NVRAM
  • Parallel Drive Download
Option Description
Single Step Procedure Download and Activate Firmware Immediately.
Staged Procedure Download Firmware Without Activation, or Activate Previously Downloaded Firmware.
Online Procedure You download controller firmware while Teradata is up.
  • If you choose Activate Previously Downloaded Firmware, PUT skips to the Predownload step since there is no need to choose a firmware package.
  • If you choose to download firmware while Teradata is up and running, the arrays are separated into groups to preserve AMP fallback. All arrays will not be downloaded in parallel.

DotHill Arrays

For DotHill Storage Arrays, select the firmware type to downloaded. Vantage must be down before downloading firmware to a DotHill Array. PUT disables Partner Firmware Upgrade (PFU) before starting the downloads, and enables it again at the end of the download. If the download fails, PUT does not re-enable PFU on that array where the failure occurred.

Type Description
RAID Storage System

A bundle of firmware that contains all components to be downloaded.

This is normally a .bin file.


This is the firmware that gets updated on each drive.

This is normally a .fla file.

Interconnect Switch

PUT skips this step for Interconnect Firmware Download.
  • The switch firmware package with a .img or .tgz extension must contain the switch type in the package name. The switch firmware package with a .zip extension must contain SpecFile.
  • The database must be down to proceed with this operation.