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Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)
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February 2020
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In the Find All Subnets step, select the network interface used to search for system nodes where you want to perform the current operation.

Most Hadoop software upgrades are run over the BYNET subnet. The BYNET subnet is typically named byn0 or byn1. Hadoop also uses IP aliasing on the BYNET subnet. IP aliasing appears as a separate subnet with a name similar to byn0:1 for an IP alias in the byn0 interface. Do not select any subnets corresponding to an IP aliased address because it does not display all nodes in the Hadoop cluster.

In most cases, the network you select is BYNET for Teradata Hadoop clusters. The options include:

Option Description
BYNET (BYNET subnet name) Allows selection of all nodes on the same BYNET network as the master node.
Ethernet (Ethernet subnet name) Allows selection of all nodes that are on the Ethernet and have TDput installed, including Teradata, non-Teradata, AWS, TMS, and SWS nodes.
InfiniBand Allows selection of all nodes on the same InfiniBand network.
Localhost (LOOPBACK) Selects only the master node (that is, the node where the PUT web server is running). Use this subnet to select the Teradata startup option for a single node or an SMP system or when collecting logs.
Previous Subnet & Nodes Selects the same subnet and nodes that you selected when you previously ran the step. This option appears only if you previously ran the current operation.