Gather PDE/DBS Status - Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)

Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT) Reference

Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)
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February 2020
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

The Gather PDE/DBS Status step tests TPA nodes to determine if the overall status of a system will allow PUT to perform the Install/Upgrade Software operation without error. A results screen appears only when PUT finds issues that need to be corrected. When multiple systems are selected (or detected by PUT), each system is tested and reported individually.

The following table lists the tests performed by the Gather PDE/DBS Status step, the error message displayed, and an example of what the problem may be.

Test that checks for: Error Example
PDE state consistency across all nodes Node states are not the same across all nodes. One or more TPA nodes are in a RUN/STARTED state while one or more other nodes are DOWN/STANDBY.
Hot Standby nodes are DOWN/STANDBY One or more Hot Standby nodes have been activated and are not in the expected DOWN/STANDBY state. A Hot Standby node in the system has come online.
mpplist count matches number of selected nodes for the operation. The number of nodes in mpplist does not match the number of nodes selected. It is recommended to select all nodes in the mpplist. All nodes in the system’s mpplist have not been selected.
All nodes have both a control.gdo and a vconfig.gdo All nodes selected do not have matching GDOs. One or more nodes in the system do not have a vconfig.gdo while all the other nodes do.
mpplist names match on all nodes. Nodes do not have matching mpplist files. One (or more) nodes has a list of names that does not match the list on other nodes.
All vprocs in a system are ONLINE.
The vprocmanager does not run if the entire system is DOWN; but attempts to run if at least one node is online.
One or more vprocs are not ONLINE. View vprocmanager output for more details. One of the vprocs in the system is OFFLINE. Click the vprocmanager Output button for additional information.