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Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)
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February 2020
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

The Shutdown Database step does different things depending on the Teradata Database version installed on your system.

Teradata Database Version Description
12.0 and Earlier

The Shutdown Database step issues a tpareset to shut down the Teradata Database if applicable.

No user interaction is required.

12.5 and Later

When executing as part of the Move Vprocs operation on a system that has Teradata Database version 13.0 or later, the Shutdown Database step verifies that the PDE state on all TPA nodes is at RUN/READY. This is required when performing a Move AMP on Teradata Database version 13.0 and later. If you are not performing a Move AMP operation, the step issues a tpareset if necessary.

During a Move AMP operation on Teradata Database version 13.0 or later, you are prompted to bring PDE to a state of RUN/READY on all TPA nodes. PDE must be in the RUN/READY state following reconfig in order for the Move AMP processing to complete. If the state is not RUN/READY, an error is displayed and you must take whatever action is required to bring PDE to the RUN/READY state before continuing. Once PDE is at RUN/READY, the step proceeds and issues a tpareset to shutdown PDE with no further user interaction required.