Switch Database Versions - Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)

Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT) Reference

Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)
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February 2020
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

The Switch Database Versions step provides a way to switch Teradata component versions following a Teradata software upgrade.

If Teradata software is not installed during the operation, database version switching is skipped automatically. Otherwise, you are prompted to run or skip this step.

You are prompted with this screen only if:
  • You choose Custom configuration mode
  • Teradata software is being installed
  • It is not a fresh install of Teradata
  • It is not an upgrade of Teradata that requires a conversion (for example, V2R4 to V2R5)

If you are in Typical configuration mode, it is a fresh install of Teradata, or an upgrade of Teradata that requires a conversion, PUT automatically selects to switch to the Teradata versions that are being installed.

How Database Version Selection is Determined

When a version switch runs, Teradata component versions are first determined on each TPA node. Once all versions are known, a list of versions common to all nodes in a system is built and sorted by component. The default version is always the highest available common version for each component. A version switch is not performed on any components that do not have a common version. In this case, each node retains its current version for the components lacking a common version.