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Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT)
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February 2020
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Teradata Tools and Utilities
The Move Vprocs step is part of a larger process that is used to replace an existing node with a new node. A summary of the overall process is described in Replacing Old Nodes and Storage.

This step requires Teradata Database version V2R5 or later.

  1. Select the type of vprocs (AMP or PE) you want to move and click Next.

    If there are no vprocs of the chosen type in the system, an error message appears. Click OK and select another type of vproc.

    If you do not want to move any vprocs, click Done and then click Next.

  2. From the list of vprocs on the left side of the form, select the destination vprocs and click >> to move them to the list on the right, or click << to deselect a vproc and remove it from the Move (Source) list on the right.

    After you have chosen all vprocs of this type, click Next.

    You must select at least one vproc.

    If you have not selected any vprocs, an error message appears. Make any corrections before you continue. If the condition is met, PUT proceeds to the next step.

  3. From the list of vprocs on the left side of the form, select the destination vprocs and click >> to move them to the available list on the right or click << to deselect a vproc and remove it from the list on the right, then click Next.
    You must select at least one vproc, and the number of source and destination vprocs must match (for example, you cannot move 2 source vprocs to 3 destination vprocs).

    If either one vproc is not selected, or the source and destination numbers do not match, an error message appears, and corrections must be made before you continue.

    If you choose to move AMP vprocs, the following conditions also must be met:
    • The destination AMPs must be in an inactive state. If not, the operation is aborted and must be restarted from the beginning after the condition has been corrected.
    • The size of the destination vdisks must be greater than or equal to the size of the source vdisks. If not, a warning is generated, but the operation proceeds.

    If all conditions are met, the changes you selected are applied and a success message appears. You are returned to step 1 where you can choose to move more vprocs or click Done to apply the changes to the system. Note that although you can see your changes to vprocs when you return to step 1, the actual system files are rebuilt only after you click Done, then click Next. If you click Cancel before clicking Done and Next, all changes are discarded.

    If you click Done, you are asked if you want to run or skip the config/reconfig commands. The default is to not run the config/reconfig commands automatically. Choosing the default option requires manually issuing config/reconfig commands according to the move vprocs process instructions/procedures. If you select to have PUT run config/reconfig commands automatically, then you must not have run the config/reconfig commands to move the involved vprocs and you must have an appropriate version of the Change Control Document which includes the new instructions/procedures for performing the Move Vprocs process.