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February 2020
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The Teradata Startup Option step allows you to select a Teradata startup option. This setting determines whether Teradata is started after a reboot of one or more TPA nodes. When the startup option is set, the selected option only applies to the selected nodes. Once set on a group of nodes, the startup option can always be changed by running the operation again on the same group of nodes.

It is important to remember that this operation allows you to bring down Vantage on a group of nodes. Selecting not to start Teradata after a reboot, then selecting to reboot the nodes can cause Teradata to be unavailable on the selected nodes. If this procedure is executed on some of the TPA nodes in a system, Teradata continues to run on the other TPA nodes (as long as the remaining nodes can support the configuration; see the Configure Teradata Vantage operation). If this procedure is executed on all TPA nodes, Teradata is not available after the nodes reboot (for example, the database will be down).

If you are moving the operating system from the current SLES environment to a newer SLES version, PUT does not automatically start the database after the upgrade. You must run Configure Teradata Vantage in “Rebuild Vconfig File Only” mode and then manually bring the database back up.
The Teradata Startup options are:
Option Description
Automatically Start Teradata after a system reboot This setting is recorded on each node selected for this operation, and takes effect after the next reboot.
DO NOT automatically start Teradata after a system reboot This option could cause the database to come down in the future.
It is usually undesirable to not start Teradata after a reboot, because executing a reboot brings the database down and make it unavailable for use. Only use this option to conduct maintenance on your system, and only when absolutely necessary. If you have questions about setting the startup option that are not answered here, contact your Teradata representative.
If PDE is not started at this point, changes to settings in control.gdo, dbscontrol.gdo, and tdlocaledef.txt resulting from this run may not be properly documented in the control_settings_changes report generated at the Finished! step.